Award-Winning Cruises to jakarta

A playful and adventurous spirit permeates all 17,000 islands of jakarta. You’ll love this country’s wild, elemental natural aspects, from volcanoes to jungles. And, while the majority of the volcanoes are dormant, some are still greatly active! Visit for travsel info about Jakarta

And then there’s all that coastline. jakarta is home to a few of the world’s most stunning beaches. Thanks to the sheer quantity of islands that Indonesia encompasses, it offers countless strips of sea and sand to satisfy everyone from sun seekers to hikers and wildlife lovers. We recommend immersing yourself in the culture with this great nation by hopping off at Benoa and Bali on Indonesia cruises. Remember your camera.

Wild Terrain
Indonesia is home for some of the very awe-inspiring natural sights in south-east Asia. From the remote, jungle-covered Banda Islands to the 130 formidable volcanoes in and around Sumatra, explore an abundant and varied tapestry on certainly one of our cruises to Indonesia.

Mesmerising Jakarta
Among the world’s biggest and most dynamic cities, Jakarta is really a must-visit in your Indonesia cruise. Don’t miss out the colonial district of Kota having its cobbled street and historic Dutch buildings, or the colourful streets of Glodok, in the centre of Jakarta’s Chinese community. Visit for more information about jakarta boat and cruise tours.

Sun, Sea and Sand
Beach-lovers, rejoice: you will find uncountable beaches to pick from in Indonesia. You’ll find some of the greatest in Bali and Lombok. For those attempting to catch the waves, check out the paradise-like Padang Padang or Uluwatu, near Bali.