Why is that Betconix mission distinct

The initial top features of the Betconix exchange are in the management system: BNIX Token token holders are individuals who make most of the critical decisions.

In this way the Betconix team will always follow the trend and offer its customers the absolute most complete and convenient services.

The GN Betconix ST OÜ is the management company, and the traders themselves would be the supreme governing body.

We do our best to provide an expert, intelligent, intuitive, and innovative trading experience to higher serve our customers.

The best goal is to create a fair, transparent, and efficient trading environment.

Top 3 reasoned explanations why you should choose BETCONIX

  1. Assets management. All the account replenishments are fast and commission-free. Conveniently refill your account using a bank card, digital payments, or utilizing the popular cryptocurrencies.
  2. Safety. Double authentication with Google Authenticator, Email. Double protection against DDoS attacks, and security service monitoring.
  3. High liquidity. Numerous partners provide and ensure the exchange’s liquidity, support for innovative token projects, multiple languages, and the capability to add your currency to our trading platform.

BETCONIX.COM products and services

Spot trading and cashback trading commission. Our active users have a motivation system: reducing the trading commission around 50% depending on the user’s trading operations volume.

Referral program. Each BETCONIX.COM customer can build their agent network, attracting new traders to the exchange and receiving an incentive for each trading operation of such traders.

Asset listing system. A balanced approach of choosing the potentially promising projects, coins, and tokens, powerful tech support team, rigorous legal and risk analysis, and user feedback consideration make the listing system on BetConix modern, reflecting market trends and genuinely decentralized.

Initial Exchange Offer (IEO). The critical difference between IEO and traditional ICO is the emergence of the exchange being an intermediary in the process. The platform team has a preliminary audit and technical verification of the BETCONIX \ BNIX Token (BNIX) Whitepaper and tokens and assesses the project’s investment attractiveness and potential. After the above criteria are met, the exchange announces a token sale on the platform. An exceptional feature of the BetConix exchange is the direct participation of BNIX Token holders in voting for the project, which can be permitted to IEO on the BETCONIX.COM exchange. trade cryptocurrency

Demo trading. No risks involved – give it a take to! Maybe you have wanted to learn to trade cryptocurrencies but were afraid to take risks? Register and go to a demo account, where the initial Bitcoin demo-trading has already been waiting for you at BETCONIX.COM.

Mobile trading app. The mobile application allows traders to utilize all the conventional trading tools next to the phone screen. Our new mobile app can be acquired for Android and iOS users in the respective app stores.

Other services to be launched soon.

Margin trading – leveraged trading that a trader borrows using his deposit as collateral.

Advanced orders. As well as the principal trader’s instrument, more advanced trading tools will also be on the BETCONIX.COM exchange: the capability to cease a loss (the so-called stop loss), place a hidden order, set execution parameters (execute entirely or cancel, place a pending order, execute partially and undo) and other tools.

Voting for listing/delisting assets on the exchange, changing and adding new functionality to the exchange. We conduct a meticulous choice of projects for listing. Still, we want to hear the opinion of our main partners and our users: with the introduction of public voting, we add another stage of project verification – our users’ votes.

BNIX Token because the currency of the BETCONIX.COM

BNIX token is more than just a typical financial instrument, and it offers governing and economic opportunities for the holders.

  • Reduced trading fees
    • Bonuses for traders
  • Exclusive IEO platform

BNIX token holders can participate in solving critical issues related to the management of the exchange. Holders with this token have lower trading commissions, including margin trading. Owning the token gives access to the exclusive IEO platform.

BETCONIX.COM – Our ultimate asset is our dear customers!